Adam + Annett // dust and sunshine

Some people collect dust like photographs.

Not from stillness, but instead, from the walking to, hiking in, and pressing through dusty and not-often-traveled places. I've known Adam for my whole life, and all the time I've known him he's sought those places out. He is a student and lover of, and participant in, stories, and he gathers dust in a thoroughly active manner.

I met Annett almost a year ago now, and everything she says and does testifies to a similar nature - the type that wants to put footprints in new places. She is joyful, kind, and gentle, and she's got a wild sort of light in her. 

On New Year's at sunrise, Adam and Annett promised to go places together from now on.

Betsy's senior pics // "new"

I started senior year at a new high school. (Old school, actually. Just new to me.) I met some new people. (Relatively new-ish people. We're graduating high school, you know.) And when I found out Betsy was a crazy talented photographer, I tricked her into trading senior pics with me. This is my half of the deal:

Photo Oct 14, 2 09 19 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 14, 2 54 13 AM.jpg

Canada and the North // radio silence . . .

My brothers and I adventured this summer. (Some potential adventure-catalysts include moving in a specific direction for at least 12 hours, crossing a border, or visiting an ethnic grocery store you have never been to before.) We took a bus to Minnesota, then a car far enough beyond the Canadian border that we couldn't hear politicians on the radio anymore. And when we arrived, we fished for overachieving monsters, and caught supper.
note: Pit stops at front and back end of Canadia pics brought to you by Bemidji, MN.

Matthew's senior pics // "the old days"

A lot has changed since I first met Matt. We drink coffee, now. His hair is significantly taller. And neither of us wear diapers anymore, as far as I'm aware. We talk more about music than we use to, and less about Legos. (Mom tells me the only fight we ever got into was about Legos. I can't even remember what the disagreement was, but I'm pretty sure I was right about it.) Can a 17 year old say "the old days"? The old days. Huh... guess I can. Life's different than it was in the old days.